How often should we send our cutters in to be sharpened?

A: As soon as you notice the cutter is not making the tap in a timely manner. A sharpened cutter will cut faster with less strain on the equipment.

Should a cutter ever be used with broken tips?

A: This is never a good idea. Something could go wrong during the cutting process. The tap could fail costing time, money or injury.

Can our cutters be rebuilt if the teeth are broken?

A: Yes. This is more affordable than buying new ones.

Should we send our pilot bits in along with our cutters to be sharpened?

A: Yes. Pilot bits start the cut. Keep your pilot bits in good condition so as not to lose your coupons.

Do you only sharpen hot tapping tools?

A: Robert F. Kendrick is a 37 year master tool grinder and has sharpened and repaired tools for the metal, wood, paper, plastic, electrical, plumbing, roofing, grooming, and landscaping industries. Please contact us with any further questions. We are here to service your sharpening needs.